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Multi Lingual Websites

Reservation websites today are an important tool for many professional agencies like hospitals, doctors, consultants, clinics, lawyers, medical professionals, photographers, dentists and gyms. Ariston Designs integrate appointment booking systems with calendars and user friendly forms for customers. A scheduling system can be set up for many booking websites like restaurant and hotel reservations, salons and parlours, car rentals, event reservation, coaching, fitness centres and travel and tours.

Features we provide for reservation websites:

Mobile-friendly websites
Scheduling calendars with dates
Multiple forms
Dates availability and pricing (Reserved, available, unavailable)
Multiple dates selection
Check-In/ Checkout Availability
Email notifications for reservation request approval
Filters for booking search
Multiple choices for field selection
Currency selection
Terms and Conditions inability

Our specialized team of designers and web developers also integrates and multi-user functionality with Captcha, discount codes, reservation editions, and Paypal Integration.


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